Friday, September 3, 2010

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Scrub a Dub Dub Doggy

So mommy had this bright idea and of course I'm the test dummy. So shes making pet shampoo now. You see baths are not my favorite thing to do so you can imagine how I grimaced when mom said "come on Wick lets test out this new shampoo." I was a little apprehensive about it because shampoos always make me itchy and flaky and being flaky embarrasses me. Another thing I was afraid of was that the pooch smooch scent she was going to use is blue I did not want to come out being a blue schnauzy. So I sucked it up and let mom bath me in the pooch smooch shampoo and I have to say I loved it. Not the bath itself but the aftermath I'm not itchy I dont have flaky skin and I'm not blue. So the new shampoo was a success and I guess I'll be the test dummy from now on when she asks.
I'm sad this afternoon Mom is leaving me for 3 days she is going to a festival to make other doggies fashionable in Matthews, NC. I know other doggies need her creations but I miss my mommy :( Hope everyone has safe and happy labor day I'll be home with my dad missing my mommy. *Woof*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Busy times are here again

It is coming up on fall festival season, which means crazy busy times are ahead. This weekend kicks off fall festivals we will be in Matthews, NC for the Matthews Alive festival Sat thru Mon. Then the following Fri and Sat we will be in Morganton for the Historic Morganton Festival. So we will have 5 days of festivals and 3 days of work. In those 3 days in between the 2 festivals we try and catch up on treats and items sold out along with our regular work. Although its a lot of work I enjoy this time of year and these festivals so much. Meeting new customers and seeing return customers at the festivals is rewarding all the hard work we put into our products pays off when and excited pet parent gets the furkid a new treat. We look forward to seeing everyone through the fall season and hope everyone can make it to one festival we are at. The show schedule is at