Friday, November 6, 2009

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Jumping For Joy

Well I'm happy as a doggie chasing his own tail. My mom has finally gotten the blog all set up for me to tell you all my tales. First I'll introduce myself my full name is Wickkett Eugene Norbert Cable but mom only uses it when I'm being mischievous. She usually just calls me Wick and you can too. Mom says I'm a schnauzy and I'm 6 years old now. I love my job I'm the top model for moms petwear my aunt and uncle Buffy and Jake do not have the patience to be the model I am. Mom and my nana make the best snuggly pjs you've ever seen, I love them so and get mad when they insist on undressing me I dont like to be naked. Well folks it was nice meeting you all but I'm rather tired after all that jumping and waiting on my blog to be ready so off to bed I go in my jammies. Please tell all your friends about my new blog.

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BittersweetPunkin said...

Congratulations on your win of one of the coffee sleeves! Make sure you check back for more great stuff all month!! You can enter all my giftaways...

Wickkett is adorable...I have a Weimaraner named Sadie :)


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