Sunday, August 8, 2010

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Perfect Gift for the Pet Lover

Hey guys my mom wanted me to share this with everyone. She was browsing etsy and found me on a garden flag and was too excited. Suzanne is the wonderful artist of these gorgeous items, she brings such life and personality to her paintings which she puts on greeting cards and garden flags. Her breed specific paintings are the perfect gift for any pet lover. Suzanne tells mom about her work "I adore dogs and I hope people see that through my work. After I sketch each composition with a brush, I begin by painting the eyes because there lies the soul of the dog. Once the eyes are painted, complete with sparkle and personality, the rest of the painting comes together very quickly. In my heart, I know I have captured somebody's best friend who loves them as much as I love my 3 terriers." I hope you all will visit her etsy shop and bring a little brightness to your day and anyone who you may need a gift for. Mom will be doing her Christmas shopping in Suzanne's shop.


Canyon Girl said...

She is certainly right about the eyes of a dog and captures them beautifully on the paintings you show.

cabin + cub said...

Awwwww.... sooooo cute!! ;)

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