Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Moms newest Creation

Mom is developing doggie tutus and guess who gets to model them? Yup ME I cant believe she is making me do this I'm a BOY MOM!! I know I'm the only model she has since I don't have a sister and I'm a professional model and will do what is required of me, but don't expect a happy face hehe. So anyway the first tutu is done and I must say it is rather cute for a girl that is. Mom has a show coming up the first of August and these will make their debut there. Its almost the weekend and I'm hoping for a cruise maybe Friday to get ice cream. I really enjoyed it last week.


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Hey there, i just stopped by to tell you that i have an award for you waiting at my blog... so please come and grab it will ya:)


Anonymous said...

So adorable!!! Thanks for stopping by! I'[m following you back!


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